Monday, November 22, 2010


This episode of "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is a good look because we were able to interview one of the great poets over the past decade... FocusATL! This brotha is ILL! He has an event coming up Nov. 28th at The Churchill Grounds in MidTown Atlanta so peep the interview at the bottom of the show. Also don't forget ...well you see the flyer...

I was going to write today about my thoughts and feelings on Tyler Perry blacks (New Slang) and how they iratate and sicking the HELL outta me but then I remembered that I got to see the F%$KIN' Legendary group BRAND NUBIAN! (Lord Jamar, Sadat X, Grand Puba) with Vance Wright on the tables LIVE! this past weekend and none of the Tyler Perry types were there and it made my life sooooo much better. Thank God for HIP HOP!

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and of course "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is brought to you by The Go-Getters Union who, by the way, will be at the M-Bar Tuesday Nov 23rd rockin the spizzy. M-Bar Downtown in The A.

A todos mi gente en la planeta vive libre con music bueno en sus corazones! Ahora escuches a "OUTTAINMENT RADIO"

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


"THANKS 4 GIVING us MUSIK". Brought to you by The Go-Getters Union is a post-holiday event sponsored by Mid-City Cafe (845 Spring st. NW) in MidTown, ATLANTA. See You There!!!

For those who don't know and for those who need to be reminded ...The Go-Getters Union is an international Hip Hop culture brand that speaks to the creative intellectual in the arts, business and community. "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is a redux of a show that I started in 2008 called "Black Hollywood Radio" that aired Saturdays on 91.7fm on the campus of Metro State University.

I got outta that situation went back into the lab-per my last post- and created "OUTTAINMENT RADIO"!!!

"OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is my version of internationalism and globalization via Hip Hop culture from all around the world with quality music, evolutionary insight, and honest perspective. Brought to you by a genuine G0-GETTER

So whether it's music by "LMNZ" from Germany
"Boca Floja" from Dominican Republic

or news around the globe where Hip Hop is being used for social, and economic change...

"OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is for the internationally soulful and we hope that you share with us your soulful internationality.

"OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is radio blog casting for Xenophiles by a Xenophile(ME)

Xenophile-(Definition):A person infatuated with foreign people and culture; A person very interested in celebrating people's differences

Por ejemplo, hablo espaniol tambien.

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