Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year! Parte Duex-The Re-Evolution


Shake that load of 2010 and enter 2011...yes I may not be a Thanksgiving and Christmas guy but I am a cheese ball when it comes to "Ano Nuevo!"...and as Stephen A. Smith would say " ...and I am unapologetic about it" .

Its just the thought of making it another mortal calender round and the thought of at that moment your spirit and consciousness can -en breve- reboot. All the things you went through in '10 you can finish, restart or re-energize in '11.

Now, understand I do know that time is not linear and that every day your alive is a new year but as they's the thought that counts.

So as we move into this new year BANG! this session of "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is for all your drunken, High, Party and introspective needs (which sometimes happens all at once HA HA!) So let me give a shout out and love to todos mi familia especialemente mi hijos y hija. Papi te quiero todos con todos mi corazone!

Again big shout out to all those who take time listen to "Outtainment Radio" .

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Enjoy the show! And as regular...

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Friday, December 17, 2010


Tengo mucho amore para todos mi gente en del mundo. Este ediccion de "Outtainment Radio" es muy bein. Me gustaria decir PAZ y mucho respectivo a mi famalia y mi amigos.

A veces la vida es muy duro pero somos REYES y REYENAS! Hoy un dia especialmente no hay dinero o no trabaje por todos la gente pueden apoyo sus familias.


!ALTO! porque este ano de 2011 que van ser benedicdos con el exito y la felicida en la vida,el amor y la finanzas!


Big shout out to L'aiye (MIA) and Dave Mensah from the (London) for taking time out of their individual days to give "Outtainment Radio" a shout out!

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Monday, November 22, 2010


This episode of "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is a good look because we were able to interview one of the great poets over the past decade... FocusATL! This brotha is ILL! He has an event coming up Nov. 28th at The Churchill Grounds in MidTown Atlanta so peep the interview at the bottom of the show. Also don't forget ...well you see the flyer...

I was going to write today about my thoughts and feelings on Tyler Perry blacks (New Slang) and how they iratate and sicking the HELL outta me but then I remembered that I got to see the F%$KIN' Legendary group BRAND NUBIAN! (Lord Jamar, Sadat X, Grand Puba) with Vance Wright on the tables LIVE! this past weekend and none of the Tyler Perry types were there and it made my life sooooo much better. Thank God for HIP HOP!

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and of course "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is brought to you by The Go-Getters Union who, by the way, will be at the M-Bar Tuesday Nov 23rd rockin the spizzy. M-Bar Downtown in The A.

A todos mi gente en la planeta vive libre con music bueno en sus corazones! Ahora escuches a "OUTTAINMENT RADIO"

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


"THANKS 4 GIVING us MUSIK". Brought to you by The Go-Getters Union is a post-holiday event sponsored by Mid-City Cafe (845 Spring st. NW) in MidTown, ATLANTA. See You There!!!

For those who don't know and for those who need to be reminded ...The Go-Getters Union is an international Hip Hop culture brand that speaks to the creative intellectual in the arts, business and community. "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is a redux of a show that I started in 2008 called "Black Hollywood Radio" that aired Saturdays on 91.7fm on the campus of Metro State University.

I got outta that situation went back into the lab-per my last post- and created "OUTTAINMENT RADIO"!!!

"OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is my version of internationalism and globalization via Hip Hop culture from all around the world with quality music, evolutionary insight, and honest perspective. Brought to you by a genuine G0-GETTER

So whether it's music by "LMNZ" from Germany
"Boca Floja" from Dominican Republic

or news around the globe where Hip Hop is being used for social, and economic change...

"OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is for the internationally soulful and we hope that you share with us your soulful internationality.

"OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is radio blog casting for Xenophiles by a Xenophile(ME)

Xenophile-(Definition):A person infatuated with foreign people and culture; A person very interested in celebrating people's differences

Por ejemplo, hablo espaniol tambien.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Industry Enemy: The Legend of Joe Clark

NOW THAT'S HIP HOP!!! Nothin'Sexy about me! Just GROWN!

The man in the pick is ME D.O. the Fabulous Drifter your host of Black Hollywood Radio in one my more playful moods. The guy in behind me is a good friend Col. Hector Bravado (He is SMASHED!!).

This week is a special because I FINALLY RELEASED MY LONG AWAITED MIXTAPE!! Titled-

INDUSTRY ENEMY: The Legend of Joe Clark.

So sit back and enjoy and make sure you BANG THIS SHIT!!!
Burn it!!
Share it!!
Love it!!

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BTW this pic is the closest you'll get to a facebook page from me. And if you wanna follow me on something make sure it's to the bank with the money in your hand.

In a few weeks I will have my new single up on itunes so for AALLL those with the mouth you can FINALLY go on-line and BUY the single. The kids will appreciate it. So stay tuned for that.

God Bless. Enjoy. And as usual...

Keep Bouncin'

Sunday, June 6, 2010

As we continue on...

Ain't went nowhere except to the next level. This month we will celebrate Fathers Day, that's right ladies ALL MONTH! So go on fold ya arms, suck ya teef, and roll ya eyes because the MEN are in the building...and we smell like dirt and sweat.

Still,we appreciate the love and support.

This month is dedicated to Fellowship, upliftment, family, fitness (mentally,spiritually and physically) , finance, a new found GLOBAL citizenship, and just an overall healthy lifestyle for men by men

And to ALL who take time in your lives to listen to Black Hollywood Radio you know the drill this is brought to you by the good folks at The Go-Getters Union. If you feel some type of way about what we say, or the way we swang please feel free to leave us a comment , and oh yeah...

Keep Bouncin'!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Full Clip: GURU one of the best yet!!!

For those who know how much I admire GURU's music , message, and lyrical beat downs he delivers to you fake-ass rappers would know that this was one of the greatest moments of not only my career, but of my life. Not only did I meet GURU, take pictures with him and ended up opening up the show for him. I FINALLY got to see him rock live, and he murdered it!!!.

Unfortunately, this was post Gang Starr so Premo wasn't there LOL imagine if that element was there... I would've probably slapped the hell out of everyone that's in the picture with me, including my homeboy Dow Jones (he's the big sexy lip one looming over everybody, LOL!!)

So in his recent passing, we now celebrate the life and music of GURU. I would simply like to say with all the sincerity that I can muster, Thank You. And this session of Black Hollywood Radio is for you.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black Hollywood Radio!!

As you know we as a community are loosing, we still think that manhood is shown by thinking "get rich or die tryin" , "Ima git mine", "whats up cuz, blood,or my nigguh" and money is the ultimate power.

The Go-Getters Union,LLC is at for front of a paradigm shift from niggaz and bitches doin nothing but complainin and talkin shit to MEN and WOMEN of integrity, vision, Men and Women who are educated and disciplined in the art of hardwork to obtain success. Not nigguhz who wanna rob each other because they are weak-minded and hate themselves.

The TRUTH is just that...TRUTH

Welcome to Black Hollywood Radio.

Note: The streets have been waiting for my new solo street tape project titled "Industry Enemy #1: The Legend of Joe Clark" we are finishing up and it will be out soon. THE STREETS NEED THIS ALBUM.

OUT NOW..."What's in the Box?!" you can download it for free on MUSIKJUNKIES.COM and DJBOOTH.NET

Don't forget if you feel some type of way about the way we swang here on Black Hollywood Radio
PLEASE get involved with the discussion...because the TRUTH is I don't know everything, I just know what I know.

Oh by the way...LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE ie; spanish, french , mandarin, etc.

Keep Bouncin!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Black Hollywood Radio!!

Sometimes I have a glenn beck moment (BUT IN A POSITIVE WAY).

For the past 15 years I have been working on this theory of mine of "Human Evolution" I'm not talking a Darwinian style. I'm talking human growth of mind as a species. The way we treat each other , our selves , this life , and the planet. And let me tell you...for all the advancements of technology the human species has literally reverted back to a mentally primitive of mind lifestyle. For example:

Human eveloution asks "Why is money still a big deal when there are enough resources for everyone on the planet to live virtuous, and prosperous lives? I mean really?!! After 2,000 years we haven't figure it out yet? After 2,000 years people are still greedy? Yet, you wanna talk to me about money?! Let's grow up. As E.D. Lover says "C'mon Son, getdafuckouttaherewitdatbullshit"!!!

It gets much deeper, and there are answers. But we only skim the top of the issue on this session of Black Hollywood Radio. It is, after all, a MUSIC radio show not "the DJ's philosophy of life" show. LMFBAO!!

Don't forget "Black Hollywood Radio" is brought to you by the good folks at The Go-Getters Union.

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Keep Bouncin'!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Hollywood Radio!!

Big shout to Musik Junkies and DJ Booth!!

Another session of Black Hollywood Radio. In this session we shamelessly "call out" Roland Martin about his show on TV0ne called "Washington Watch.

Remember if you feel some type of way about the way we swang leave us a comment.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black Hollywood Radio!!

Black Hollywood Radio is brought to you by the good folks here at The Go-Getters Union. Black Hollywood Radio (BHR) is the worlds first and only weekly edutainment podcast (for the past to years).

BHR is also brought to you by the good folks at Musik Junkies.

Stay in-tune because we here at the Go-Getters Union are working on our highly anticipated website to be launched for your funkadelicadocious the meantime sit back and enjoy , and welcome to Black Hollywood Radio!