Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year! Parte Duex-The Re-Evolution


Shake that load of 2010 and enter 2011...yes I may not be a Thanksgiving and Christmas guy but I am a cheese ball when it comes to "Ano Nuevo!"...and as Stephen A. Smith would say " ...and I am unapologetic about it" .

Its just the thought of making it another mortal calender round and the thought of at that moment your spirit and consciousness can -en breve- reboot. All the things you went through in '10 you can finish, restart or re-energize in '11.

Now, understand I do know that time is not linear and that every day your alive is a new year but as they's the thought that counts.

So as we move into this new year BANG! this session of "OUTTAINMENT RADIO" is for all your drunken, High, Party and introspective needs (which sometimes happens all at once HA HA!) So let me give a shout out and love to todos mi familia especialemente mi hijos y hija. Papi te quiero todos con todos mi corazone!

Again big shout out to all those who take time listen to "Outtainment Radio" .

Can't forget

Enjoy the show! And as regular...

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