Sunday, June 6, 2010

As we continue on...

Ain't went nowhere except to the next level. This month we will celebrate Fathers Day, that's right ladies ALL MONTH! So go on fold ya arms, suck ya teef, and roll ya eyes because the MEN are in the building...and we smell like dirt and sweat.

Still,we appreciate the love and support.

This month is dedicated to Fellowship, upliftment, family, fitness (mentally,spiritually and physically) , finance, a new found GLOBAL citizenship, and just an overall healthy lifestyle for men by men

And to ALL who take time in your lives to listen to Black Hollywood Radio you know the drill this is brought to you by the good folks at The Go-Getters Union. If you feel some type of way about what we say, or the way we swang please feel free to leave us a comment , and oh yeah...

Keep Bouncin'!

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