Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black Hollywood Radio!!

As you know we as a community are loosing, we still think that manhood is shown by thinking "get rich or die tryin" , "Ima git mine", "whats up cuz, blood,or my nigguh" and money is the ultimate power.

The Go-Getters Union,LLC is at for front of a paradigm shift from niggaz and bitches doin nothing but complainin and talkin shit to MEN and WOMEN of integrity, vision, Men and Women who are educated and disciplined in the art of hardwork to obtain success. Not nigguhz who wanna rob each other because they are weak-minded and hate themselves.

The TRUTH is just that...TRUTH

Welcome to Black Hollywood Radio.

Note: The streets have been waiting for my new solo street tape project titled "Industry Enemy #1: The Legend of Joe Clark" we are finishing up and it will be out soon. THE STREETS NEED THIS ALBUM.

OUT NOW..."What's in the Box?!" you can download it for free on MUSIKJUNKIES.COM and DJBOOTH.NET

Don't forget if you feel some type of way about the way we swang here on Black Hollywood Radio
PLEASE get involved with the discussion...because the TRUTH is I don't know everything, I just know what I know.

Oh by the way...LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE ie; spanish, french , mandarin, etc.

Keep Bouncin!

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  1. You played Maspyke!! AAAHHHHH!!! Good show. Real talk.