Friday, September 18, 2009

Whats in the box?! Is the slogan for the debut project from The Go-Getters Union, LLC (GGU) titled "ARS NOVA". The GGU positions itself as the "Its who you know" and "the who's who" in for running the rebirth of a dying industry.... Hip Hop. Industry insiders and taste makers have shunned GGUs aggressive destruction of the current industry business model but GGUs focus on originality, creativity, passion and quality work is a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate new art, ideas and have a strong sense of self respect has allowed the brand to grow despite the fraterities fear of change. The Go-Getterrs Union is a multi-city collective of creative intellectuals in the arts, business and other words, we dont do the bufoonery. At the helm of the union is the self made, fresh-faced veteran M.C. COO William L. Salter aka D.O. the Fabulous Drifter who boasts many independent successes, one being one of the only artist to be featured in Billboard Magazine and The Source without a major label push, and has performed or recorded with a diverse palate of artist like Ludacriss, Tash, KRS-ONE, Spice 1, Black Eyed Peas, Boot Camp Click,Nas and others. The first singles from the ARS NOVA project are titled "iHOP" a international anthem by D.O. produced by long time collaborator Sol Powa and "That Flow" by Babah Fly off his debut album "Electro-Sufi" distributed by The Go-Getters Union, LLC . The ARS NOVA project is available @ MethodsNYC, The Basement LA, Family Affair (Denver), Hip Hop New Design (Trenton,NJ) and It features artist from around the country and globe including Amsterdam's #1 DJ - DJ Desire,DJ Chilly(Trenton), Bullet D. Great(Philly), Food Chain(Denver) and more. So enjoy the Whats in the box?! sampler then go out support and find out more about The Go-Getters Union and the "ARS NOVA" project because as D.O. (who happens to easily mix music and business to the point that it almost innate) says " While ya'll was gassed up connected to the industry we were becoming Hip Hops new energy" and The Go-Getters Union plans on going green in more ways than one. For further inquires,review and interviews call 303.847.2939 or email. William L. SalterCOOThe Go-Getters Union,LLC

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  1. Good info on the GGU background! Thanks for sharing!